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    Perlis State Birdwatching

    Enjoy observing Perlis’s state wild birds in its natural habitat. Immerse in the beauty of Perlis’s natural landscape and surrounding. Good chance to tick √ your list. Get good photograph of Perli’s birds and landscape in your lens Birders/photographer encourage to write in advance and let us know if you have any target birds.

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    Junglewalla’s Student Programs

    All programs in this site design by Irshad Mobarak and Sri Sari in 2007 with the aim to bring  children outdoor and reconnect with nature.  Studies today show that for the healthy all round development of young people’s minds and body there is an essential need for reconnecting people with people and people with nature. Browse our selection of exclusive tours for adults and educational activities for students and we will be happy to develop special excursions according to your requirements. Langkawi Island in Malaysia provide an excellent natural settings, culture and community for Students Programs. Building better individuals, teams, communities and environments . Studies today show that for the healthy all…

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    Company Programs Overview

    COMPANY WITH A HEART CORPORATE SOCIAL INVESTMENT  Businesses are increasingly looking to the wider community to meet their developmental needs and social aims. This has created a significant demand in using community and environmental projects for corporate teambuilding and development programs. We have carefully selected high quality and sustainable projects that are timely, that addresses real needs and is of real value. We do not make up projects for the sake of running projects. By working with our network in Malaysia we will carefully monitor and support for the long term. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Programs are tailored to your needs and very much in partnership with your training and…

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    Langkawi Nature and Wildlife Festivals

    Welcome to an Event Organised by Junglewalla to celebrate Langkawi’s Nature and Widlife.  Langkawi Nature and Wildlife Festivals gives wildlife enthusiast of all ages the opportunity to explore, enjoy and get closer to the natural world. Langkawi Nature and Wildlife Festivals  was organised by Junglewalla for 3 consecutive years on 2010, 2011 and 2012. The event featured speeches by Naturalists, Scientists, as well as key note speeches to talk and discussed on issues pertaining to conservation of our natural heritage in Langkawi Island. LANGKAWI NATURE FESTIVAL 2010 Langkawi Nature and Wildlife Festivals 2010 focused on celebrating Birds of Langkawi with Birdrace as the main event. In addition to the main…

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    Tour Booking

    [checkfront category_id=”7″] Junglewalla Tours departed daily as schedule and there is always opportunity to join tours. However if you found us last minute and would like to hop-in on tours departing on the same day, please call/whatsapp +6012 4870600  (Sri) or +6019 590 2300 (Azri ) to get immediate assistance and check on availability.

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    Thank you for your booking

    Thank you for your booking Junglewalla Tours Reservation Form for advance booking is auto confirm and guaranteed departure with minimum booking time 24hrs before tour departure time. Please do not hesitate to email or whatsapp us if you do not received email confirmation. Sometimes emails do get lost in space, please check your spam folder too. Should you have any queries concerning your booking please do not hesitate to write to us at: junglewalla@gmail.com . Mobile/whatsapp +6019 590 2300 (Azri/Operation Manager) or Sri Sari +6012 4870600.

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    About Malaysia

    Welcome to Malaysia

    Welcome to Peninsular Malaysia One of Malaysia’s best kept secrets is the biosphere of the Northern Malay Peninsula. This zone is one of the most diverse bio-geographical regions on earth. It is a treasure house of some of the most varied fauna and flora, both terrestrial and marine, on the planet. Its rainforest is inhabited by tigers, leopards, elephants, sambar-deer, sun-bears, tapir, rhino and many other wonderful mammals. It reverberates with the whooping call of the gibbons and the strange cries of the hornbills, the pheasants, the barbets and the babblers. Within this biosphere lie the states of Penang, Perak and Kedah and Trengganu. Collectively it offers vast expanses of…