• Team Building

    Teaming For Excellence

    POSITIVE TEAMS are the lifeline of every company. Customers love them, bosses bask in their energy and team members shine in their leadership. They are effective and are positively contagious at work.

  • Team Building

    Beach Olympiad

    Welcome to our ‘Olympic ground’ and be escorted by the Guardian of the Olympic flame to bring you to your various workshops. Expect competition and support from all the team when the team will compete in the finals.

  • Team Building - Company Outing in Langkawi
    Team Building

    Amazing Race

    Participants separate into teams. Each team has a 10 seat mini van to get around the course. The course consists of a variety of problems, tasks and the acquisition of treasures which can be solved, achieved and obtained from specific places…

  • Team Building

    Telematch Games

    This challenge can be held on the beach or on open ground. It is made up of a marathon of games and tasks. The participants will be separated into teams. There will be a briefing of rules and regulations regarding the…

  • Team Building

    Jungle Warfare

    This challenge only gives a few hours before going into battle!. Your drill sergeant will be expecting total commitment from you to learn the skills necessary to survive in combat.