Safari Wildlife Tour

Malaysia is home to one of the most biosphere of rainforest in the world. Within Malaysia there many parks established for the sole purpose of protecting and preserving the flora and fauna indigenous to the area. In the Perlis State and Kedah State , a few of these parks are also established namely Perlis State Park and  Ulu Muda Park . Join us to explore these parks so enjoy the last remaining wildlife and rain forest frontiers of the world. Just a short ferry ride from Langkawi Island.

  • Safari Wildlife Tour

    Perlis State Birdwatching

    Enjoy observing Perlis’s state wild birds in its natural habitat. Immerse in the beauty of Perlis’s natural landscape and surrounding. Good chance to tick √ your list. Get good photograph of Perli’s birds and landscape in your lens Birders/photographer encourage to write in advance and let us know if you have any target birds.

  • Safari Wildlife Tour

    Mysterious Perlis State Park

    Only for the most adventurerous among us, a 45 minutes ferry ride from Langkawi take us to Perlis is the Northern most protected area in Malaysia.  5000ha Perlis State Park (PSP) is located at the Western border of Perlis with Thailand. It forms a transboundry protected area with the 20,000ha Thaleban National Park in Satun, Thailand.