Desaru Coast

Desaru Coast

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Desaru Beach and Tidepool Walk

During low tide a large part of Desaru Coast becomes exposed, offering an interesting ecology for a light educational tour. Many interesting creatures that have been patiently
waiting out the high tide appear during low tide to feed e.g. Ghost crabs, Sand-bubbler crabs, Soldier Crabs, an array of mollusk e.g. Moon snails and hiding between the gaps and cracks of exposed rocks are the living fossils called Chitons. 

Sedili Wetland River Cruise

The tour begins with a boat cruise that covers 3 distinct vegetation belts that changes from rich mangrove forest , Nypa swamp, Putat and Pandanus belt before finally reaching the freshwater swamp where the endangered Water Trumpet can be found. Along the way your naturalist guide will spot interesting wildlife that call Sedili home. READ MORE

Desaru Coast Birdwatching

Desaru Coast is home to an interesting variety of birds with over 90 species of birds since recorded, ranging from the garden to forest edge species and from the wetlands to migratory shore and pelagic species.

This tour is ideal for the novice as well as keen wildlife photographer. Let your experienced guide help you discover the many interesting birds that call Desaru Coast home.

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