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    Desaru Beach & Tidepool Walk

    Desaru Coast is home to one the world’s richest marine ecosystems. The best way to enjoy this marine wonderland is to join our marine naturalist on a guided Beach & Tidepools Discovery Walk. Experience this vital living habitat that is home to hundreds of fascinating and mysterious marine creatures, each playing a specific and vital role in maintaining the health…

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    Desaru Coast Birdwatching

    Desaru Coast is home to an interesting variety of birds with over 90 species of birds since recorded, ranging from the garden to forest edge species and from the wetlands to migratory shore and pelagic species. Your naturalist guide will be on the lookout for the colourful Crimson and Ruby-cheeked Sunbirds, Stork-billed, White-throated and White-collared Kingfishers, Blue-tailed Bee-eaters, Blue-winged pittas…

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    Sedili Wetland River Cruise

    Sedili is a typical fishing village located a mere 35 minutes drive from Desaru Coast. The tour begins with a boat cruise that covers 3 distinct vegetation belts that changes from rich mangrove forest , Nypa swamp, Putat and Pandanus belt before finally reaching the freshwater swamp where the endangered Water Trumpet can be found. Along the way your naturalist…

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    Lebam River Cruise

    From Desaru, a 15 minutes drive to Sungai Lebam, this is a wide river surrounded by a very rich and lush mangrove forest. The drive passes through secondary forests and areas cleared for Agriculture and Palm Oil. Birds can be spotted especially the Black-Shoulder Kites, Herons and Pacific Swallows. The arrival at the jetty shows a view of a small…

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    Belungkor Mangrove Village Tour

    Boat depart at 9.00am and all guest are required to wear life jacket and applied hand sanitizer before entering the boat. Guide started off by explaining about history of Johor Sultanate. Further in the river guide started to explain about the mangrove ecosystem and the cruise include a mangrove scenic and photo cruise through Sungai Terus Pelanduk. By 10.00am we…

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    Belungkor Hill Hiking

    This trail is suitable for those who look for a little adventure and has high fitness level. Bukit Belungkur highest summit at 283 meters above sea level offers a breath-taking scenery overlooking Selat Tebrau. Along the way our local guide will explaining about the local flora and fauna that we might come across. After a short 30 min break on…

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    Resume operation Date: 16 June 2020

    As we enter into this post post covid and recovery period, JungleWalla open for Operation and Tours on 16th June 2020. Please rest assure your and our staffs health and safety are our top most priority. All tours are available to cater for the discerning traveler who would appreciate informative, safe and enjoyable tours. Guideline/Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to resume…

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    Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) Closure

    Dear Guests, Returnee, Partners and Supporters; In line with Prime Minister’s announcement on Conditional MovementControl Order (CMCO) restrictions from 18 March 2020 untill further notice from Malaysia Goverment. Should you need urgent assistance, I can be reach via phone andwhatsapp: Sri Sari : 012 4870 600.We thank you for your continuous support. We are looking forward tosee you soon. Keep…

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    Perlis State Birdwatching

    Enjoy observing Perlis’s state wild birds in its natural habitat. Immerse in the beauty of Perlis’s natural landscape and surrounding. Good chance to tick √ your list. Get good photograph of Perli’s birds and landscape in your lens Birders/photographer encourage to write in advance and let us know if you have any target birds.