Langkawi Dry Season
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Climate and Seasons


Langkawi location near the equator, the island enjoys an equatorial type of climate and observes an average temperature of 24oC to 33oC. The island observes two different seasons during a year. Dry season and wet season are the two prevailing seasons.


The dry season; November to March, when the winds blow predominately from the NE. The weather is generally fine with nice cool sailing breeze but tends to be much dryer than other parts of Malaysia. For the most part, temperature lingers around 30 oC. On a hot sunny day, the climate tends to get warm and average temperature strikes the mark of 32oC.

The wet season prevails from the month of April till October. During these months, winds from the west and the southwest dominate the island. This is the time when rain can be frequently expected. Langkawi enjoys heavy rainfall, and its average rainfall is 2500mm (100 inches). On rainy days, the heavy downpour is often accompanied by thunder and lightning. However, humidity level remains high about 80% throughout the year. The months of September and October observe the maximum amount of rainfall. Seeing that rains low down the temperature, the island enjoys an average temperature of 24oC during rainy season.

Langkawi is beautiful in all seasons, but the best time to visit Langkawi is during the months of November to June. It’s the time when skies are reliably blue and the seas good enough for outdoor activities. People usually don’t prefer rainy season to visit the island, as nature activities like mangrove tours, kayaking, trekking and hiking, birdwatching  cannot be enjoyed at this point of time. See weather today