Team Building

Jungle Warfare

Jungle Warfare will begin with some management games to enable the teams to find their natural leaders. Jungle Warfare requires a leadership hierarchy. A Commander in chief, Captains, and 3-4 platoon corporals. The teams will be trained in silent jungle movement, silent communications, walkie-talkie communications, beach landings, section attacks, defensive positions, and camouflage.

A challenge will be given to the teams, a plan of the island, and details of tidal heights, The teams have to plan their attack. The enemy will not have information about the attack, but they will have set up defensive positions. It will now be up to the Leaders of the group, the Captains and Corporals to present their plan and for their team to put all their training into action. The challenge has to be achieved and a counterattack can be expected. Jungle Warfare is a high-activity game that focuses on teamwork and