<em><strong>Naturalist’s log book;</strong> the many flora and fauna we encounter during our excursions and more.</em>

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    The cuties of Langkawi

      The Dusky leaf monkey or a spectacled langur (Trachypithecus obscurus) is one of Langkawi resident primates. This monkey has a dark grey fur, large circles ring on each eyes that giving the appearance like eyeglasses with a fur crowning its head, white surrounding its mouth and creamy white colouring on its stomach. The newborn baby langur colour is a…

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    The Ultimate Jurassic Plant (Cycad)

    Cycads are an ancient group of seed plants survive to this modern day from the Triassic period. It is one of the rare plants that still survived over million years ago since the time of dinosaur. Although they looked like palms or ferns, they are actually not related to either.

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    Cicada Exoskeleton

    A strange bug that is sitting motionless in the picture above actually is uses to be a part of cicada body. It is a exoskseleton of cicadas that called ‘exuviae’. Exoskeleton is one of the things that will remain behinds after all the insect undergo moulting process.

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    Fiddler crab

    Besides looked on mangroves plant, here also we can see few species of fauna that live in this mangrove regions. One of them is fiddler crab, which are small crustaceans with a distinctive claw.

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    Mysterious Mangrove

    Along the Kubang Badak river, we can see the mangrove forest, there are 3 types of common mangrove species we can see; Rhizophora sp., Avicennia sp., and also Sonneratia sp. Mangrove forest plants grow closer densely to each other and compete to get sunlight for photosynthesis process. Rhizophora sp. is different from Sonneratia sp. and Avicennia sp. All Rhizophora sp.…