Corporate Social Responsibility

Mangrove Seed Planting

A Nature Conservation Project – Restoring the ecosystem and sustaining fisheries

Background: Langkawi is well known by its biggest attraction its mangrove forest, forest on limestone and the fauna that are found here. Although the mangrove cruise is the most popular attraction in Langkawi very little has been done to highlight its mangrove ecosystem and best practice to enjoy its wildlife. Because of a lack of knowledge many practices such as wildlife feeding is practiced by boat operator as tourist attractions.

AIMS: This is a combined effort between the corporation and the community to address the problem and support the best practices by fisherman and tourism industry stake holders and visitors alike.

BENEFITS: By Mangrove replanting with communities, these mangroves will be a buffer zone from erosion and any natural disaster such as tsunamis. It will help the wildlife to sustain itself from the fruits, flowers and young shoots.

This program can be modified to your company’s needs and requirements