Corporate Social Responsibility

Rainforest Tree Planting

A Nature Conservation Projects

Langkawi has lost over 49% of its natural heritage to agriculture, urbanization, and transport infrastructure (roads). This loss in biodiversity is further compounded by the introduction of invasive species, pollution, population and over-harvesting.

Langkawi main industry is tourism and within this industry, there is no doubt that ecotourism is its number one draw. There is an urgent need to protect the last wild places on the island from further loss.

Rainforest Aid is a project to stem the further loss of island’s natural heritage and to try to reverse this trend.

AIMS: the project will address the problem by several measures including encouraging stakeholders i.e. hotels, schools, travel agents etc to lobby local government for better enforcement on illegal encroachment into rainforest reserves, to the purchase of critical habitats and the establishment of a network of wildlife corridors that will allow the free migration of wildlife between habitats for purpose of seeking shelter, food and breeding.

As part of the project, we will encourage the planting of trees that benefit birds and other wildlife around urban area and other built environments.

BENEFITS: The benefits derive are many firstly it is hoped to stem the further destruction to the last few ecological zones on the island. Secondly, direct action will be taken to restore marginal lands back into thriving ecosystems once again. Thirdly the general public will have a better understanding of environmental issues that affect the island and they will become active players in the protection of the natural heritage they are held in trust. Finally, we hope that these measures will help Langkawi achieve sustainable economic benefits from ecotourism.