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Matcincang Cambrian Geoforest Park

The story of the formation of Langkawi will begin some 550 mill years ago when the earth was divided into two supercontinents, one located in the northern hemisphere called Laurentia, while the other located in the southern hemisphere called Gondwanaland. It was here at Gondwanaland that the oldest part of Langkawi and Malaysia were to be formed.

Gondwanaland was then a lifeless continent of deserts, lakes and rivers. Here at the mouth of one of its many rivers Langkawi was first born. Sand, silt, and mud are transported downstream, and as the river met the primeval seas these fine sediments are sedimentary laid and eventually formed a delta. Testament of that fact are the ripple marks fossilized in stone that now can be found at the summit of Matcincang formation indicating that this was once part of a very shallow marine environment.

Today one can reach the peak of this formation by cable car from The Oriental Village.
It is a most exhilarating journey to peak and one will be rewarded by some of the most breathtaking views of Langkawi.  The Gondola sits six comfortably and it silently glides over the tops of magnificent rainforest trees that quickly change to the unique heath forest that you find higher up. From lowland rainforest trees that puncture the skies at more than 40 meters to miniature (relatively speaking) stunted trees of a heath forest at its summit. It is home to a diverse range of specialized plants including orchids, herbs, moss, lichens, and begonias – a botanist haven. Be warned that removing them is an offence. Once at the top, there are two viewing platforms, shame though there seems to be a communication tower of sorts on one side but if you can disregard that one small glitch the vistas are worth every ringgit you spent. Then there is the sky bridge that gently takes you out over a sheer cliff – confident in the knowledge that this is Swiss engineering at its best – which definitely the wow factor of the whole experience.

Gunung Matcincang has the total package – the geological history, stunning formations, beautiful vistas, and amazing flora, and what an exhilarating ride. Not surprisingly this has become one of the top attractions for Langkawi and it is good advice to buy the express ticket during the school holidays so as to avoid the queue.

Langkawi Cable Car & SkyTrail Package
Written By Irshad Mobarak