Team Building

Island Survivor

Survivor (overnight on an island). 

We arrive at a rather romantic and isolated sandy beach where you are marooned with some fire making equipment and, seafood, chicken and meat, vegetables and salad making equipment.

To keep you busy you will be set a survival disaster scenario in teams that is challenging and will test your analytical and communication skills.

You will have to survive overnight with only a few rudimentary comforts, (toilet facility is included). These can all be discovered by a careful search of your environment and includes shelter making equipment. To hinder you in this we leave behind a guitarist, or two and lots of beer, wine soft drinks, BBQ supplies and everything you might require to make a bonfire party of it. With no light clutter on this remote island beach you will have excellent star gazing opportunity.

You will also have the use of a speedboat and driver for safety. At dawn the survivors will present their escape from the disaster scenario plan and after evaluation, will be evacuated to the hotel and waiting showers.