Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Investment

We take groups into the natural world where they can see, smell, hear, feel and to find their interests and gain the skills to question, investigate and explore the world around them and relate the principles found in the natural world in everyday living.


The whole group will undergo a crash course into the basics of Birdwatching identification with a short practice session in the field. They will then be divided into several teams of between 3 and 5 strong.
Each team will be equipped with the necessary tools i.e. binoculars, fieldscope, field guide book, note book. They will race against time and the other teams. The team with the highest correctly identified number of birds will be the winner. Bonus points will be awarded to teams with well documented field notes and photo images of birds. The
corporation will donate some of its CSR funds to a choice of nature conservation projects.


Learning from nature. After millions of years of evolution, nature has learned: What works. What is appropriate?. What last?. Biomimicry is a new way of viewing and valuing nature. It introduces an era based not on what we can extract from the natural world, but rather what we can learn from it. It takes inspiration from nature designs and
processes to solve human problems.


This one day event challenges teams to summit the top of Gunung Matcincang, it is Malaysia oldest rock formation, with breath taking views of the west and north coast of Langkawi. It is a moderately challenging climb and that usually take 3 hours to climb. Teams will not only race against time but they will be required to solve certain challenges along the way and requires quick thinking, strategies, the use of strategies and teamwork skills. The team that wins may not necessary be the one that summits first but that has accumulated the most points and the least penalties on the way to the top.


The tool that we will use to teach leadership and teamwork is a purposed built traditional designed sailing and paddling outrigger craft. The participants will learn the basics of sail craft and our trainers will execute a training program that maximizes each participants physical, mental and technical capabilities. They will be taught how to sail, paddle and handle the craft, they will learn to lead and work as a team all in an atmosphere of unity for a common goal. With practice and proficiency they will gain in confidence of their individual abilities, leadership skills, an active understanding of the importance of teamwork in achieving common goals and feel the
rewards of success.