All programs in this site design by Irshad Mobarak and Sri Sari in 2007 with the aim to bring  children outdoor and reconnect with nature.  Studies today show that for the healthy all round development of young people’s minds and body there is an essential need for reconnecting people with people and people with nature.
Browse our selection of exclusive tours for adults and educational activities for students and we will be happy to develop special excursions according to your requirements.
Company Background Junglewalla  was founded in 1994 by Irshad who devote his life to helping people unlock the mysteries of the natural world. His main objective is to educate and inspire people to experience and appreciate nature.  He is known as a pioneer in Langkawi’s Tourism for designing signature tours and programs in Langkawi and birding tours Peninsular Malaysia.
Junglewalla means “Jungle Man”  is Irshad’s nick name given by his family friends because he is a keen naturalist since his childhood.
Inspired by the lives and deeds of pioneer naturalists and explorers such as the legendary Alfred Russel Wallace and the renowned botanist , writer and environmental campaigner, Professor David Bellamy. Social Responsible Company : In addition to tourism Junglewalla offers consultancy services to government, NGO’s and the tourism industry and is active in lobbying for the ecological cause.