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    Langkawi – Payar Marine Park

    Payar Marine Park diving operators can be found either located within a hotel or at dive centres around Pulau Langkawi. Most diving is done around Pulau Payar Marine Park Group of islands. A unique highlight in Pulau Payar is the presence of up to 20 juvenile black tip sharks providing excitement to the many snorkellers who visit the Marine Park centre.

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    Terengganu Marine Park

    Redang Island the largest of a group of islands dotting the South China Sea off the Terengganu coast.is partof Terengganu Marine Park. The island offers crystal clear waters and numerous dive sites for the enthusiast. Sheltered within the Redang Island Marine Park, the waters here abound with marine life burst with the largest assortment of coral species.

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    Tioman Marine Park

    Tioman gained its fame from the Hollywood motion picture "South Pacific" in the early sixties. Since then nature lovers and sun seekers alike have paid homage to Tioman year after year. Tioman Island is situated 36 nautical miles from the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The main tourist season runs from early February until the end of October.