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    Mum and baby Colugo

    At about 4 pm I received a called from The Datai villa manager, his staff found an injured "bat with a baby attach to it" at the beach villa. I asked how is the bat face look like?; a dog or a flat face Persian cat?.

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    Rescuing Dusky Langur

    I was enraptured by the expressions and actions of a troop of Dusky Langurs (Trachypithecus obscurus) with their two young ones feeding the leaves of a strangling fig tree at the Andaman Resort. Suddenly, I cannot help but to ponder how contented and secured they are in this resort, where they are allowed to feed freely. There are some unlucky…

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    The students are here.

    It has been a busy time for the JungleWalla’s team. Among private and company group we were hosting , we are please to have Lycée français de Kuala Lumpur (LFKL) students in the island to join a 4 days JungleWalla’s students program.

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    Flying Wonders of Paradise

    Late last year, NGC USA contacted us about some of our animals and wanted us to suggest the best location to filming. Obviously we suggested langkawi. They arrived here on late march and spend 3 weeks on the island filming some of exceptional inhabitants – “The Flying Wonders of Paradise” .

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    The New Arrival

    It is the season of the young ones again on the island so it seems most appropriate to tell our guests of the arrival my long coming baby boy and the youngest member of JungleWallas. We have named him Amiri which means The East Wind, appropriate because he arrived during the season of the east wind on Langkawi.

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    JungleWalla – Solar Boat

    It has been Irshad’s wish for quite a while to have an environmentally friendly motor boats to reduce noise, fuel and exhaust pollutants. Early this year that dream comes true when we meet Philip Johnston, director of Power Eco Energy Solutions.