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Junglewalla’s Student Programs

All programs in this site designed by Irshad Mobarak and Sri Sari in 2007 with the aim to bring children outdoor and reconnecting with nature.  Studies today show that for the healthy all-round development of young people’s minds and body there is an essential need for reconnecting people with people and people with nature.

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Langkawi Island in Malaysia provides an excellent natural setting, culture, and community for Students Programs. Building better individuals, teams, communities, and environments. Studies today show that for the healthy all-round development of young people’s minds and body there is an essential need for reconnecting people with people and people with nature:

There is today a growing disconnection between young people and their peers, the natural world, and the communities they live in. Today’s fast-paced, globalized and technological world has brought many new comforts and opportunities for today’s generation but along with it, there have come many new distractions and a growing detachment between the youth and his/her environment, his/her peers and his/her communities.

Educational Journeys intends to fill this void with a unique program that addresses the natural need for young people to interact with their peers, their natural surroundings and the community. Our programs are designed to inculcate leadership and teamwork skills, along with community service learning and an appreciation of the natural world.

Irshad mobarak

The program will be separated into 3 modules with each module focused on a particular aspect. Each module will be taught over a period of 16 days or over a periods of 4 days and will be conducted in English. It will be intensive and transmitted in a fun and adventurous method. It will be centered at a base camp as well as a point to point campsite, depending on the module. We can work closely with schools and tied up the programs with school curriculum

Aspects of the programs

Community Partnership

Building Community through Service Learning Service learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience. It teaches civic responsibility and strengthens communities. In the Malay tradition of “Gotong-royong” the participants will visit local village communities and experience firsthand their culture and lifestyle. The students will study issues, brainstorm, and come up with plans and implement them to help the community. From the practical experience, they will gain a variety of skills especially in the decision-making process, communication and civic participation. The communities involved will participate as supervisors, collaborators, and recipients. Service learning creates better understanding and respect between communities and students.

Nature studies and Conservation Project

The outdoor environment is the perfect classroom for the study of the natural world. The programs are designed to introduce the students to the wonders of the natural world in a fun, adventurous and scientific way. Our programs are designed to instill a spirit of scientific exploration in the style of the great scientific explorers of the past, like Alfred R. Wallace, and Malaysia’s living legends like Prof. Dr.Wong Khon Meng and Datuk Prof. Dr. Abdul Latiff. The students will take a hand’s on scientific approach to the study of the natural environment. The participants will learn how to conduct field surveys, environmental studies and experiments and the data collected will be used in conservation efforts to protect the islands natural history.

Educational Journeys programs can change the way people think by allowing them to see life’s issues from a fresh perspective. They gain new attitudes, then transfer these attitudes to the way they conceptualize daily life.

Leadership and Team Building

The tool that we will use to teach leadership and teamwork is a purpose-built traditionally designed Malay sailing and paddling outrigger craft. The students will learn the basics of sail craft and our trainers will execute a training program that maximizes each student’s physical, mental and technical capabilities. The student will learn how to sail, paddle, and handle the craft, he learns to lead and work as a team all in an atmosphere of unity for a common goal. With practice and proficiency, they will gain in confidence of their individual abilities, leadership skills, an active understanding of the importance of teamwork in achieving common goals, and feel the rewards of success.