Student Programs

Character and Team building

With practice and proficiency, they will gain in confidence of their individual abilities, and leadership skills, an active understanding of the importance of teamwork in achieving common goals and feel the rewards of success.

The participant will learn the fundamentals of sailing and paddling skills. They will learn that pedaling will require cooperation, discipline, teamwork, and leadership. They will at times be outside their own comfort zones and have to make quick decisions to solve certain difficulties. It will bring the best out of the participants.


Intrapersonal: Emotional and Individual

  • New confidence in oneself
  • Increased willingness to take risks
  • Improved self-concept
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Increased logical reasoning skills
  • Greater reflective thinking skills
  • Sense of awareness of surrounding

Interpersonal: Social and Group

  • Enhanced cooperation
  • More effective communication skills
  • Greater trust in others
  • Increased sharing of decision making
Itinerary – 2 Days 1 Night Program

Day 1:
Meet and greet with JungleWalla Representative
08.00am: Begins Team Building Activities
12.00pm: Lunch Break & rest
02.00pm: Nature exploration activities
06.30pm: Return to hotel, dinner & rest
08.00pm: Talk by JungleWalla representative
09.00pm: Group activities & Presentation
10.30pm: Program ends & rest

Day 2:
Breakfast at the hotel
09.15am: Room check – pack up
09.30am: Briefing
10.00am: Cable Car Ride
11.15am: Cable car down
12.00pm: Back at hotel for check out
12.30pm: Lunch
13.30am: Program ends

All programs can be customized to fit schools goals and/or curriculum.