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2008 in Memory

JungleWalla team2008 just passed by and welcome 2009. I had a great year in 2008, lots of sweet and bitter, small and big things happened to us at JungleWalla. One of the biggest occasion which is on February 2008, was the closing of  Amazing Malaysians program. During the event, we had a beach party in Pantai Cenang where the big and happening concert was scream out. Imagine 100 students stand on the big stage with a loudly singing and dancing giving message to more than 2000 audiences to appreciate, love and preserve nature.
csr programAlthough the program was lasted about 6 month ago, it was deeply impact to those 100 students that have been nurtured for conservation and education programs. Till now they still keep asking me what they can do to help preserving Langkawi to its best. Thus, it proven that this program was successful and achieved the goals. From my side, I’m happy to say lots more to come. Hopefully this year another giant company will do such CSR that really benefit Langkawi as a whole.
ngc race I’m proud that JungleWalla had been chosen by National Geographic Channel Asia to organize their company outings on a race title ‘Saving Planet Langkawi’. This team building event is truly time travel in langkawi where we incorporate Geopark and culture from the beginning of geological formation until existing time. Additionally, provides us moments to ponder what Langkawi would be in future. Frequently, many companies asking to organize programs with us and we would happy to accept it. Another unforgettable event was with Covidien group and few more other company where they did a really good stuff. Give back to nature on their holidays by choosing JungleWalla CSR programs.
nature guide courseAll JungleWalla’s except Shaaban, Sri and Peter was attending the nature guide course (Green Badge Course). The course was conducted by Wildlife Department in collaboration with Langkawi Tourism Action Council. Within 2 weeks programs, we had amazing experiences in Perlis State Park. Auspiciously lots of new things we had learned and will be useful for our career. One of the highly expose is public speaking and the citation of ‘teachable moment’ that should be apply in guiding. One of the participants made us smile with his amazing ability inventing a new species of bird “Pekaka electrica” – (Electical King-fisher).
Ngc filmingI’m sure all of us had our blast for the year. For Mr. Irshad who got a surprise 50th birthday party from his wife, his biggest accomplishment is the CSR programs received good supports from corporations and did another docu-ad for Tourism Malaysia that currently shown on Sky TV Network in Europe.
Mr. Othman and his wife did another stunt by spending 88 hours with 8 poisonous snakes at Langkawi Snake Sanctuary. Things could not be more proud for Shaaban with his simple life gets more interesting when his football team won the local title. Peter had a good 7 months break due to leg fracture from rock climbing. Sri pleased JungleWalla Tours at last made it to trip-advisor list after rejected so many times, while Indera managed to record many birds’ songs. And last but not least a warm welcome to Ida Halim who just joined the JungleWalla Team on December 2008.
And my self ?? Besides the 1st year with my beloved wife, I had my 1st DSLR camera and make a full use of it during green badge guide course. Lots of the smallest and biggest things yet meaningful and experiences throughout the year that I couldn’t even describe with words.
Thanks a lot for all the support given to us throughout the year. Debbie for briefly joined JungleWalla and choose a different direction, we wish you all the best.  Most importantly is a BIG THANK YOU to our GUESTS who chooses to join us.
Goodbye 2008 and here we come 2009.
Ku Ismadi