• The Highlands

    The Kelabit Highlands

    The Kelabit Highlands in Sarawak Borneo are one of the most isolated settlements in Borneo Malaysia . It is one of the nations most popular destination for the serious hiker offering a wide choice of trails with a cool highland clime averaging between 15C - 23C, set in a location of beautiful villages, friendly natives and breathtaking scenery.

  • Islands and Beaches

    Redang Island

    Pulau Redang, located 45 km off the coast of Kuala Terengganu, is the largest of a group of islands dotting the South China Sea off the Terengganu coast. The waters around Pulau Redang also contain two historic shipwrecks: The H.M.S Prince of Wales and H.M.S. Repulse, which sank here at the start of World War II, setting the stage for…

  • Blog

    Langkawi in Bloom

    All trees bear flowers at one time or another but not all flowers make a visual impact when they are flowering. One of those trees that flower spectacularly is the Crepe-myrtle, but I prefer to call it by its exotic name Rose of India (Lagerstroemia Spp).

  • Birdwatching

    West Malaysia Birding

    As part of a recent trip to West Malaysia with my dad, I decided to return to Langkawi for 4 days as my last visit had not included any serious birding. I had been in contact withJunglewalla about the possibility of seeing some of the rarer bird types on the island.

  • Birdwatching

    Morning Birding in Langkawi

    I am a form 5 school graduate (the class of 2007). Having lots of free time and simply a person who loves nature but never really been given a chance to go and explore the wild. My family had planned to send me to the very beautiful island of Langkawi. I was given the opportunity of a life time; it…