Colugos bye bye
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Colugos bye bye

2nd April 2014

Its been  a long 9 days since we have the colugos in our care now.  Mama colugo was so impatient and she no longer want to hang out in the basket, cage, tree trunk and the room. We decided that it is time for her to go back to her habitat at The Datai hotel.  Although mama’s colugo wound was not dry thoroughly, we did not have choice but to release her. She has been gliding around all over the room and hanging on the window curtain. She show sign of stress and do not want to stay with us any longer. In the morning Irshad, Shakira and Anita release her on the same area where we found her.

Once Irshad open the basket, she just leap out of the basket and immediately run up the tree trunk.
Incase you are wondering… no she did not looked back at us and say thanks!.

Since then Shakira have seen her once during her evening walk around the Datai area about 3 trees from where we released her.  We are glad to report that on 22 April, Shakira saw mama colugo at the vicinity between The Andaman and The Datai. So its seems she is adjusting and mobile despite only having one good eye left.