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Butterflies of Langkawi

Written and researched by Dr. Katsutoshi Kato and Selvam Raman.
We took quite some time to compile this book, a decade to be exact.

The book contains more than 300 good-quality coloured photos and general information with regards to Langkawi’s butterflies.

Most of the information is based on butterflies that could be found around Langkawi. An added point is the fact that the book is bilingual, using both the English and Japanese languages.
We have plans to continue our research for the next 5 years, with more efforts being concentrated on the island, since no one else has yet to pioneer the project. We might have a lot more unrecorded butterflies waiting to be discovered on the island and maybe we might find new species that will put this island on the tourism and scientific map.
You may purchase this book at RM 350 excluding delivery charges, which will be subjected to the country of delivery and calculated into the final receipt.
Posted by Selvam Raman