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    Jobs of Joy

    Relish a life of adventure, help change the world and . . . get paid for it! StarWeekend looks into dream jobs. "You've got a dream job!" friends exclaim.

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    A Walk to Remember

    The Guardian. 14 May 2005. A Walk to Remember. by Andrew Catchpole. "Langkawi is one of the most ravishing places in southeast Asia and is already being talked of as a rising star, yet it is still a hideaway where insiders come to revel in the ecological diversity and to drop out of sight in a handful of five–star hotels.

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    All walks of Life

    SENSES LANGKAWI MAGAZINE All walks of Life. By Lina - August 2005 He's been on TV and works out of an exclusive resort area. He also set up the first eco tourism programme for Langkawi together with the late Miles Baddeley. Irshad Mobarak really is committed to Langkawi and sharing an appreciation for its natural wonders.

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    Amazing Malaysian Awards

    The five Amazing Malaysians selected for their brilliant heritage programmes are Irshad, Pak Saad, Joan, Judeth and Voon Fee. Be amazed at what they do. DEBRA CHONG and SU AZIZ write on the aspirations of five outstanding individuals.

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    Tourism can Soar with Birds

    It’s time the tourism industry cast an eagle eye on the northern frontier to promote bird-watching. While Taman Negara, Pahang, and Fraser’s Hill are popular havens for bird watchers, several spots in the northern states have equally good potential for such activities.

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    Adventure into Nature

    Adventure into Nature. Borneo Bulletin. Sat/Sun 24/25 January 1998 . Irshad Mobarak speaks to Maria. A rapidly growing aspect of tourism is nature. Dubbed ecotourism, it is a timely effort towards preserving the natural heritage and environment of tourist destinations. It is also a smart move as more and more major tourist destinations are losing their appeal along with the…