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Cognis Challenge: Wildlands for the Future

May 2010 ended on a great note, with the adoption of the Wildlands for the Future program as a teambuilding challenge by Cognis. Mr. Barry Brewster of Evans and Peck started with short but poignant introduction of this unique approach as a teambuilding challenge which was followed with a short presentation on the state of the environment of Langkawi

Barry Brewster then presented the challenge i.e to construct a basic tree nursery for “Wildlands for the Future”. The task was no simple matter as they had to fulfil not only the basic requirements of the client (Barry, Irshad and Ms.Gould) to have a nursery but they had to have it ready within a stipulated timeframe of 8 hours! The night before the group of 46 formed several groups that included a Nursery team,  Health & Safety (heat management) team, Finance & Budget team and Media team.

They were required to come up with the necessary equipment needed for the structure including among others metal framing, shade netting, sprinkler system, seed collection, seed bed preparations, first aid and health monitoring, media recording and most importantly the funding for the project.

Cognis took it in stride and not only completed their task with flying colours, quality of work but well within the deadline.  A job well done and everybody should get a pat on the shoulders. Yes it was not only a physical and mental exercise but excellent teamwork and busy hands made light work of it.

This was truly a unique challenge unlike any other for not only it require the genius of teamwork, co-operation and co-ordination but also presented Gognis with the opportunity to help in the conservation of Langkawi’s natural heritage. A triple approach in building teams i.e  staff training, CSR and saving the environment all in one.