Morning Birding in Langkawi

The very next morning, my aunt took me along to go “Bird Watching” with two of the most pleasant and cheerful tourists I have ever met. We left the house at 6.45 am, right after a quick breakfast at a small local stall; we headed towards Pelangi Beach resort and picked up our guests. We headed towards a small paddy field nearby. It was a little shocking for me because I never really thought one could find many birds together in such a small area. It was a pleasant view for the tourist as well as for me.

Next we headed up to Gunung Raya hoping to spot “The Great Hornbill”. While waiting for the Hornbills, we are accompanied by a group of shy macaque whose Alpha male was keeping an eye on us. We also spotted a group of “Dusky Leaf Languor”, one of which was carrying an infant baby (the baby languor was still orange !!).

After waiting for about 15 minutes, we could hear the marvelous hornbills flapping their powerful wigs to get to their destination. After awhile, we also heard a “Wreathed Hornbill” calling for it’s female. Not long after that, he was visible to us. I do not know about the rest of the birds but he was breath taking to me, he was my favorite bird. . It is amazing how beautiful he truly was, he looks so prehistoric, with bright yellow gular-pouch, black wing and white feather tailing behind him as he flies. We also spotted a few more “Oriental Pied Hornbill, a wagtail that keep wagging its tail and keep flying in front of our car and a pair of Hill Myna there”.

The session was almost over but not just yet. We drove down to Teriang that located nearby the mangrove swamp and spotted many more wetland birds. See full bird list below.

Thanks for reading..


Full Birdlist – on 10 March 2008


      1. Bulbul, Yellow-Vented Pycnonotus goiavier
      2. Coucal, Greater Centropus sinensis
      3. Crow, House Corvus splendens
      4. Dollarbird Eurystomus orientalis
      5. Dove, Spotted Streptopelia chinensis
      6. Drongo, Greater Racket-Tailed Dicrurus paradiseus
      7. Eagle, White-Bellied Sea Haliaeetus leucogaster
      8. Egret, Cattle Bubulcus ibis
      9. Egret, Great Casmerodius albus
      10. Egret, Intermediate Mesophoyx intermedia
      11. Egret, Little Egretta garzetta
      12. Flowerpecker, Orange-Bellied Dicaeum trigonostigma
      13. Heron, Chinese Pond Ardeola bacchus
      14. Heron, Little Butorides striatus
      15. Hornbill, Great Buceros bicornis
      16. Hornbill, Oriental Pied Anthracoceros albirostris
      17. Hornbill, Wreathed Aceros undulatus
      18. Kingfisher, White-Throated Halcyon smyrnensis
      19. Kite, Black-Shouldered Elanus caeruleus
      20. Kite, Brahminy Haliastur indus
      21. Lapwing, Red-Wattled Vanellus indicus
      22. Munia, Black-Headed Lonchura malacca
      23. Munia, White-Rumped Lonchura striata
      24. Myna, Common Acridotheres tristis
      25. Myna, Hill Gracula religiosa
      26. Oriole, Black-Naped Oriolus chinensis
      27. Green Pigeon, Pink-Necked Treron vernans
      28. Pipit, Richard’s Anthus richardi
      29. Sandpiper, Common Actitis hypoleucos
      30. Shrike, Brown Lanius cristatus
      31. Sparrow, Eurasian Tree Passer montanus
      32. Sparrow, Plain-Backed Passer flaveolus
      33. Starling, Asian Glossy Aplonis panayensis
      34. Sunbird, Olive-Backed Nectarinia jugularis
      35. Swallow, Barn Hirundo rustica
      36. Swallow, Pacific Hirundo tahitica
      37. Swallow, Red-Rumped Hirundo daurica
      38. Wagtail, Yellow Motacilla flava
      39. Waterhen, White-Breasted Amaurornis phoenicurus
      40. Weaver, Baya Ploceus philippinus
      41. Whistling-Duck, Lesser Dendrocygna javanica