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    Birdwatching Tour Halfday

    This tour is suitable for both the serious birder and the birding enthusiast. The most suitable time to observe birds at the equator is either early morning or early evening when they are most active.

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    Birdwatching Tour – 2 Days

    Langkawi has a rich diversity of ecosystems and habitat types, ensures a correspondingly rich diversity in birdlife on the island. Two days birding session is suitable for serious birders or photographer.

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    Morning Birding in Langkawi

    I am a form 5 school graduate (the class of 2007). Having lots of free time and simply a person who loves nature but never really been given a chance to go and explore the wild. My family had planned to send me to the very beautiful island of Langkawi. I was given the opportunity of a life time; it…