Looking after Colugo – Day 2 & 3
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Looking after Colugo – Day 2 & 3

27th March 2014 – Thursday

This morning mum colugo looks more aware of the surrounding but still is not moving much. When I open the box, baby was on top of mum, looked at me and quickly hide under mums. Mum’s open her eye looking at me and quickly looked away. I called Irshad to inform on her progress. He said to find salam leaves (eugenia poliyantha) or any euginia species, papaya, honeydew and water melon or banana. He also told me to reach out to any vet in the island to stitch the wound and check how severe is her injury.

At noon 3pm I given her 10ml of raw honey and diluted rescue remedy again. I put the baby food we bought in the syringe and feed it to her. She took 5ml only. I did not feed anything to the baby because I dont know what to give. I suspect the baby is still nursing.

We were hoping to release her this evening. But I can see this might not be possible. She is very weak. The wound on the eye started to smell. I clean it and given anti biotic cream. I fed her 10ml of honey and she chew 2 small pieces (1cm each) papaya this evening. I leave the baby on her mum and don’t touch it. We are always wearing glove and minimized all direct contact and touching.

7pm – feeding time
Attempt to feed her again, but she did not take any of the fruit offered. She took only honey and the bach flower remedy 10ml again and went back to sleep.

28th March 2014 – Friday.

3.30am – Feeding time.
Again do not want to eat anything at all. At this point I am already in despair and about to give up.  I think I needed  the rescue remedy this time to Calm down and be patient.

4.30am – Feeding time.
She looked away from me and do not want to eat anything. I am so desperate and wanting her to eat at this point. change strategy.  I moved in front of her and force eye contact.  Cut the watermelon in small bites and put it to her mouth. To my surprise she took it and started chewing. 5 bites of watermelon and 9 bites of honey dew melon, 10ml raw honey, end with 20ml of diluted bach flower rescue remedy and one arnica.

At this point the baby making tearing noise. In the beginning I do not understand why. It took me a long time before realizing  baby wanted to eat too. I put the fruits near baby mouth but it did not take it. Then I put water in the syringe, she licked/drinks 30ml of diluted bach flower rescue remedy. By 6.50am feeding time is over.

Looking at her condition that don’t improve much, I think this is time to reach out to people that might have more experience looking after colugo. Just in case she have to stay longer with us, at least we know more of what to feed her etc. I write to Morman Lim and Morten strange the author of Colugo for some advice. I am sure I will hear from them soon.

9.00am: Time to clock in and begin office hour for me. Time to rest for Mum and baby. So I put them in the cage and leave them in the room.

Here are pictures of feeding time.