Colugos Day 3
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Colugos Day 3

28th March 2014 – Friday.

We managed to get a good car with fully air condition and planning to take colugos to the vet.
2 days ago we contacted dr.Tim at Lassie Animal Clinic, he said the clinic is not equipt to handle exotic animal only pets and domestic. After talking a while and explaining that we don’t intent to leave colugos with him, only want them to check and asses the wound, he agreed to help. We leave the office at 5pm.

We were introduced to dr. Loui a volunteer at the clinic, she is from Switzerland.  She ask a few questions about colugo and quickly explain that she will shave the fur and clean the wound to enable her to assess the injury.

Not good news. The tear on her head is not just skin deep, it is through her skull. The left eye definitely gone. The mouth injury would heal itself in time. This is explain why she did not want to eat earlier, her mouth are sore. This is very severe injury to sustain for such a small animal.
With this assessment doctor advice to put her to sleep and we take care and look after the baby.

I hear a gasp from Shakira. The drama queen in me kicks in as well, I was ready to cry but then my kid was behind me, so I hold up my tears. It’s time for us girls to think of what to do. Me, Shakira, Anita and Amiri step outside the clinic and have a quick discussion.
I know that without the mother, the baby would not stand a chance. This is tough….
Owh…..what should we do…