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Mysterious Mangrove

Along the Kubang Badak river, we can see the mangrove forest, there are 3 types of common mangrove species we can see; Rhizophora sp., Avicennia sp., and also Sonneratia sp. Mangrove forest plants grow closer densely to each other and compete to get sunlight for photosynthesis process. Rhizophora sp. is different from Sonneratia sp. and Avicennia sp. All Rhizophora sp. have arching stilt roots that emerge from the trunk.

These roots system not only hold up the tree in soft mud but also help the tree to breathe. Besides, we can get the freshwater inside when we broke the roots. Other than that, the seed germinates in the fruit forming a seedling. The fruit does not fall away when it ripens. Instead, these mangroves were undergoes via vivipary reproduction where the single seed within the fruit starts to germinate while it is still on the mother tree and the mother tree channels nutrients to the growing seedling.