Three for Ten…..!!

Most of Langkawi’s plants starting to bear fruits at the end of the summer. Stick bean (Parkia speciosa) in front of the office has been particularly bountiful this year. I came to know a little later that it is public property, because it grows beside the road on government land. That explains why many people just stop by to get some of it. But not too late and our kind neighbor decided to share 7 pods with us.Also known as ” stink bean”, Petai contain amino acids that give a strong smell to one’s urine. Ouch !

Langurs group around the area has been having a good time too. Lots of fruits available such as monkey jack, jack fruits, cashew nuts and wild passion fruits.With the rain, comes the new fresh leaves and shoots too.

Mangoes, durian, and water guava already start fruiting and will soon follows by rambutans. Due to the early arrival of rain, fruit crop this year is not as good as last year according to some farmers.Nevertheless, this is the best season for non-cooking house wives.We could just feed the husbands and children fruits all day long….