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Langkawi from eagle eyes view.

BuffalosOn 16th of April I had a chance to experience a helicopter tours. Looking at Langkawi at eagle’s eye viewpoint which I dream for so long already. The beauty of this island undoubtly stunning.  My camera clicking non stop during this one hour ride.

Depart from Langkawi Airport we took helicopter turbine engine  which being  pilot by Captain Ismail. Our route are Padang matsirat-pantai kok-kubang badak-pasir hitam-durian perangin-gunung raya-bukit sawar-kuala teriang -airport.

 Mangrove kubang badak

Like one of malay saying ” Tak kenal maka tak cinta ” means ” did not know it would not be in love”. The beauty of mangrove forest which I didn’t expect to be that stuning. And some of secluded beach which i’m sure only few people only knows. One of my favorites shot are a group of buffaloes running away from us. And I trying to imagine group of elephant running away like in africs right here on my nice and lovely Island.

secluded beach

So whatever you expectation is, i’m sure if not all some will be memories for life. Hope to see you guys around here.