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    Bookmarks: Butterfly

    Great news for bookmark collectors and butterfly enthusiasts alike. We are proud to present you the world famous Entomologist and Lepidopterist Dr. Bernard d’ Abrera’s amazing butterfly bookmarks featuring Birdwing Butterflies amazing original photos taken by him featured in his legendary book , Birdwing Butterflies of the World

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    Book: Langkawi Island of Mysterious Legend

    Walter Francois presents Langkawi Island of Mysterious Legends – Coffee Table Book This is photographic collection of the author’s travel in Langkawi set in a coffee table styled format for the reader. Each featured photograph has an accompanying story or a narrative poetic like description on  Island life, her people, notes on culinary discoveries, travel tips on the Island,  touristy…

  • Event 2012

    Official Programme

    LANGKAWI NATURE FESTIVAL 2012 PROGRAM Day 1 – Friday 23 November 2012 07:00 AM – Eco Walk –Keeping Langkawi Wild at Gunung Raya 11:30 AM – Conclusion 10:30 AM – Onwards Nature Trade & Exhibition Fair at Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall 03:00 PM – 07:00 PM : Talks and workshops at Andaman Hotel – Butterfly Talk by Dr. Laurence G…

  • Event 2012

    Dr. Laurance G Kirton

    Dr. Laurance G Kirton LNF 2012 Personality Profile Butterfly Researcher & Scientist Dr. Laurence G Kirton Laurence Kirton is an entomologist by profession, and Head of the Biodiversity and Conservation of Fauna Programme in the Forest Research Institute Malaysia. His interest in butterflies began in his childhood and has continued into his professional career as a researcher. He holds a…

  • Event 2010


    A Bird Race is a fun learning bird watching activity where teams of 3 competitors race for certain duration at designated sites to watch, identify and record as many bird species as possible.

  • Event 2010

    Photography Competition

    Langkawi invites you to enter your stunning wildlife photos toLangkawi Birdrace and Fotofest photography competition. We’re looking for beautiful bird photographs representing the wildlife of our magical islands.

  • The Highlands

    The Kelabit Highlands

    The Kelabit Highlands in Sarawak Borneo are one of the most isolated settlements in Borneo Malaysia . It is one of the nations most popular destination for the serious hiker offering a wide choice of trails with a cool highland clime averaging between 15C - 23C, set in a location of beautiful villages, friendly natives and breathtaking scenery.

  • Event 2010

    Workshops & Press Conference

    Day one of the event kicked off with workshops and talks by invited judges and nature conservationists touching both photography and birding and of course, insights into nature tourism. To the excitement of many, the work­shops on day one were both innovative and creative with a mixture of comedy in between. The speakers for the work­shop were birder-photographer Choo Tse…