• Student Programs

    Junglewalla’s Student Programs

    All programs in this site design by Irshad Mobarak and Sri Sari in 2007 with the aim to bring  children outdoor and reconnect with nature.  Studies today show that for the healthy all round development of young people’s minds and body there is an essential need for reconnecting people with people and people with nature. Browse our selection of exclusive…

  • Company,  Team Building

    Company Programs Overview

    COMPANY WITH A HEART CORPORATE SOCIAL INVESTMENT  Businesses are increasingly looking to the wider community to meet their developmental needs and social aims. This has created a significant demand in using community and environmental projects for corporate teambuilding and development programs. We have carefully selected high quality and sustainable projects that are timely, that addresses real needs and is of…

  • Tours

    Langkawi Nature and Wildlife Festivals

    Welcome to an Event Organised by Junglewalla to celebrate Langkawi’s Nature and Widlife.  Langkawi Nature and Wildlife Festivals gives wildlife enthusiast of all ages the opportunity to explore, enjoy and get closer to the natural world. Langkawi Nature and Wildlife Festivals  was organised by Junglewalla for 3 consecutive years on 2010, 2011 and 2012. The event featured speeches by Naturalists,…

  • Company,  Team Building

    Amazing Race

    Participants separate into teams. Each team has a 10 seat mini van to get around the course. The course consists of a variety of problems, tasks and the acquisition of treasures which can be solved, achieved and obtained from specific places in Langkawi.

  • Company,  Team Building

    Treasure Hunt

    A treasure hunt is a great way to see the island and compete against your fellow employees at the same time. Using cars or vans teams roam the island following a map that will take them to all the happening places in Langkawi.

  • Company,  Team Building

    Telematch Games

    This challenge can be held on the beach or on open ground. It is made up of a marathon of games and tasks. The participants will be separated into teams. There will be a briefing of rules and regulations regarding the games.

  • Company,  Team Building

    Island Survival

    Survivor (overnight on an island). We arrive at a rather romantic and isolated sandy beach where you are marooned with some fire making equipment and, seafood, chicken and meat, vegetables and salad making equipment.

  • Company,  Team Building

    Master and Commander

    Ever since the “Master and Commander” days when the British, Spanish, French and Dutch seamen challenged each other for supremacy of the world’s oceans, the sailing ship has been an ideal environment to get teams into a cohesive fighting force.