• Nature Shop

    Card: Langkawi Afterdark

    Langkawi Afterdark Cards by Irshad Mobarak A natural history collection series of nature-based art cards depicting the fauna that occurs in Langkawi at Rainforest Afterdark. Drawn by – Irshad Mobarak.  Price : MYR7.00/per collection sets of 6 cards (excluding shipping charge) Previous Next

  • Event 2010


    In addition to the main events; Birdrace, Photography Competition and Workshops there will be plenty of other activities to keep all members of the family busy. KID’S ACTIVITIES Mini beast safaris Art Competition Beach Walk Coral Walk Birdwalk Stream Detective NATURE WALKS & TOURS Rainforest Awakening As morning light breaks the forest awaken to the sights and sounds of birds,…

  • Event 2011

    Official Programme

    Friday 25 November 2011 08:00 AM: Arrival of Participants & Registration for Workshops 8:30AM – 5:30PM: WORKSHOPS 9:00AM – 5:00PM: Booth exhibitions at Panorama Langkawi

  • Event 2012

    Nature Trade Fair

    The first day of the event also saw the opening of the Nature Trade Fair and Exhibition hosted by Langkawi Fair. This event saw the coming together of 9 organizations form NGOS, government bodies and nature businesses both from Malaysia & Singapore to promote themes related to nature and its conservation as well as associated products & services.

  • Company,  Nature Training

    Biomimicry Workshop

    Nature as model. Biomimicry is the new science that studies nature’s models and then imitates or takes inspiration from these designs and processes to solve human problems e.g., a solar cell inspired by a leaf.

  • Safari Wildlife Tour

    Mysterious Perlis State Park

    Only for the most adventurerous among us, a 45 minutes ferry ride from Langkawi take us to Perlis is the Northern most protected area in Malaysia.  5000ha Perlis State Park (PSP) is located at the Western border of Perlis with Thailand. It forms a transboundry protected area with the 20,000ha Thaleban National Park in Satun, Thailand.

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    Stickers: Butterfly 3D

    Nature-a-Live! Authentic Butterfly 3D stickers by Dr. Bernard d’Abrera Great news for Sticker collectors and butterfly enthusiasts We are proud to present you the world famous Entomologist and Lepidopterist Dr. Bernard d’ Abrera’s amazing 3D butterfly stickers . The stickers are original scientifically accurate photography by  him based on his published works on collections of the British Museum of (Natural…