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    Card: Langkawi Afterdark

    Langkawi Afterdark Cards by Irshad Mobarak A natural history collection series of nature-based art cards depicting the fauna that occurs in Langkawi at Rainforest Afterdark.Drawn by – Irshad Mobarak. Price : MYR7.00/per collection sets of 6 cards (excluding shipping charge)

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    Irshad Mobarak

    Irshad's typical day starts with an early morning stroll near The Datai Resort where he regards guests with intriguing facts and anecdotes. On most days, he gets to spot Asian Fairy Bluebirds, Oriental-pied Hornbills and Dusky Leaf Langurs.

  • Shaaban Arshad
    About Us

    Shaaban Arshad

    Shaaban comes from a family well-known for their knowledge as traditional Herbalist and Medicine men. Shaaban has inherited much of his family knowledge and has an intimate knowledge of the rainforest and jungle. As a young man he used this knowledge of the rainforest to earn income by collecting herbs to treat the patients that visit his father.

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    Employment with Junglewalla

    Thank you for your interest in working with Junglewalla. Each season we welcome a few new members to our team to Keep Langkawi Wild!!. We offer a fun and supportive working environment, competitive wages, annual raises and many perks. We like to think that our staff works with us, not for us.

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    Stickers: Butterfly 3D

    Nature-a-Live! Authentic Butterfly 3D stickers by Dr. Bernard d’Abrera Great news for Sticker collectors and butterfly enthusiasts We are proud to present you the world famous Entomologist and Lepidopterist Dr. Bernard d’ Abrera’s amazing 3D butterfly stickers . The stickers are original scientifically accurate photography by  him based on his published works on collections of the British Museum of (Natural…

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    Bookmarks: Butterfly

    Great news for bookmark collectors and butterfly enthusiasts alike. We are proud to present you the world famous Entomologist and Lepidopterist Dr. Bernard d’ Abrera’s amazing butterfly bookmarks featuring Birdwing Butterflies amazing original photos taken by him featured in his legendary book , Birdwing Butterflies of the World

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    Book: Langkawi Island of Mysterious Legend

    Walter Francois presents Langkawi Island of Mysterious Legends – Coffee Table Book This is photographic collection of the author’s travel in Langkawi set in a coffee table styled format for the reader. Each featured photograph has an accompanying story or a narrative poetic like description on  Island life, her people, notes on culinary discoveries, travel tips on the Island,  touristy…

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    Wilds of Ulu Muda

    Located at the eastern frontier of Kedah bordering the Thai province of Yala, this 160,000ha forest is home to most of Malaysia's large mammals and is home to 9 of the 10 Hornbill species found in Malaysia..

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    Mysterious Perlis State Park

    Only for the most adventurerous among us, a 45 minutes ferry ride from Langkawi take us to Perlis is the Northern most protected area in Malaysia.  5000ha Perlis State Park (PSP) is located at the Western border of Perlis with Thailand. It forms a transboundry protected area with the 20,000ha Thaleban National Park in Satun, Thailand.