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    Students Fall in Love with Wildlife

    They learn to plant saplings the correct way. About 100 primary and secondary students in Langkawi fell in love with the wildlife after spending their weekends jungle-trekking on the island with naturalist Irshad Mobarak. And this went for six months.

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    Junglewallah Pulihara Alam Sekitar

    Program DiGi Telecommunications Disertai 20 Pelajar Sekolah Sekitar Langkawi Teroka Hutan Simpan Gunung Machinchang. Langkawi : Pemuliharaan hutan bukan saja membantu menyediakan kehidupan yang lebih sempurna, malah dapat mengekalkan khazanah flora dan fauna serta alam semulajadi lain untuk diwarisi generasi akan datang.

  • irshad-mobarak
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    A true-blue naturalist

    Langkawi’s wildlife is now in danger of extinction due to habitat segmentation and in-breeding. A man dubbed ‘The Jungle-Wallah’ by DiGi’s Amazing Malaysian 2007 project is helping to arrest this problem.

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    Birdwatching Keysites

    North Malaya Keysites We have designed our itinerary so as the travel time between most sites will not exceed 3 to 4 hours. We usually keep to the most scenic route so as you may enjoy the countryside. At times along the way we will stop for birding breaks. Our groups will be small and vehicle-comfortable.

  • Irshad Mobarak
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    Malaysian eco warrior

    London Evening Standard – Friday, 5th February 1999 PAUL MANSFEELD awards five Stars to a Malaysian eco warrior. The Malaysian island of Langkawi needs all the eco help it can get, as new hotels spring up along the coastline and the mass tourism descends. Enter Irshad Mobarak, 39 a sort of one man band in the cause of conservation on…