Dangerous Beauty

Unless we provoke them or accidentally touch or step on them then they will strike. Most snakes will run away to avoid encounter with people. We’re not their food!!.(They’re our food!! Hehe.. certain species of snake, asian people do eat it as exotic food) so…they don’t want to waste their energy and venom for nothing !!. They will release the venom only for food or save their life.Pit viper hunt using heat sensor, the hole in front of the face that we call it pit is the main sensor. What they see are the same like the predator in alien vs predator movie. So if they see human, they will think this is a hell too big warm blooded creature!!!. Not my food! So they keep quiet.

Shore pit viper (also known as mangrove pit viper) is a lowland snake and is very numerous in the mangrove and swamp forests. A mangrove cruise along KilimRiver is your best chances to encounter with these dangerous beauty.

Mangrove pit viper strike when they coil up their tail to the branches. Striking distances only their body length. Main diet: Rodent, lizard and other small mammals. The color of shore pit viper is variable, average length is 0.7-0.9 m and it is a fairly common cause of snakebite in coastal region but fatalities were rare.

by the way, I ate them for lunch..