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A letter from the wild

The center will be co-managed by the JungleWallas and Malaysia Nature Society officer.

The aim of the center is mostly 3 fold, foremost is education, the center will run nature education classes for the young kids as well as the adults, second it will conduct conservation projects specifically on Langkawi and finally act as a watchdog in protecting the remaining wildlands with particular focus on the protecting the Great Hornbills that call Gunung Raya home from poaches that kill and eat these magnificent birds.

The early rains have arrived so we will be doing plenty of trees planting around the island and the resort. We intend to plant trees that attract birds and other animals.

There are several guests that have asked us to plant one or two trees for them and we are happy to oblige.

We have a target of 4,000 trees to plant this year so join us in our efforts to protect our precious remaining wildlife.