Event 2011

Workshop Day

Day one of the event kicked off with workshops and talks by invited judges and nature conservationists consisted of topics ranging from photography skills, macro (insect) photography, video-scoping (combining still photography with video) and short documentary workshop.  To the excitement of many, the work­shops on day one were both innovative and creative with a mixture of comedy in between. The speakers for the work­shop were Malaysia’s very first digital ‘videoscoper’ Tee Lian Huat, master macrophotographer Kurt Orion and also Basil R. Gelpke which is a filmmaker. He has won a series of awards for his documentary filmmaking such as the 2007 Sol d’Or of Barcelona, the Film Prize 2006 by the City of Zurich, the 2007 Best Doc Award of the Palm Beach Film Festival, and the 2006 Best of Fest Award at Lake Tahoe Film

From the workshop, participants were given new tips on photography and how to approach subjects and produce great photographs and filming tips and tricks. At the end of 1st day workshop about 10 packed vehicle rush to the foothill of Gunung Raya to greet the Great Hornbill of Langkawi. We manage to spot at least 50 of them.  It’s a great experience to some of the participant who never spots this bird before.  Overall the day 1 ended with loud sound of cicada and magnificent act from a pair of Great Hornbill.