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    About Malaysia

    Welcome to Malaysia

    One of Malaysia's best kept secrets is the biosphere of the Northern Malay Peninsula. This zone is one of the most diverse bio-geographical regions on earth. It is a treasure house of some of the most varied fauna and flora, both…

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    Irshad Mobarak

    Irshad's typical day starts with an early morning stroll near The Datai Resort where he regards guests with intriguing facts and anecdotes. On most days, he gets to spot Asian Fairy Bluebirds, Oriental-pied Hornbills and Dusky Leaf Langurs.

  • Shaaban Arshad
    about us

    Shaaban Arshad

    Shaaban comes from a family well-known for their knowledge as traditional Herbalist and Medicine men. Shaaban has inherited much of his family knowledge and has an intimate knowledge of the rainforest and jungle. As a young man he used this knowledge…

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    Langkawi DVD

    DVD MINI-DOCUMENTARY SERIES Discovering Langkawi with Irshad Mobarak Filmed over 12 months, Discovering Langkawi with Irshad Mobarak: The Mini-Documentary Series is a ten-episode armchair voyage of the enchanting archipelago.

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    The cuties of Langkawi

    The Dusky leaf monkey or a spectacled langur (Trachypithecus obscurus) is one of Langkawi resident primates. This monkey has a dark grey fur, large circles ring on each eyes that giving the appearance like eyeglasses with a fur crowning its head,…

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    Fiddler crab

    Besides looked on mangroves plant, here also we can see few species of fauna that live in this mangrove regions. One of them is fiddler crab, which are small crustaceans with a distinctive claw.

  • Langkawi Nature Combo Package
    Langkawi Combo Package

    Langkawi Nature Combo

    Langkawi Nature Combo. Combination of Unesco Geopark Tour & Rainforest Afterdark For an unforgettable nature experience on the legendary island of Langkawi, join this combination of the mangrove forest and the rainforest of Langkawi.

  • Event 2012

    Official Programme

    LANGKAWI NATURE FESTIVAL 2012 PROGRAM Day 1 - Friday 23 November 2012 07:00 AM - Eco Walk –Keeping Langkawi Wild at Gunung Raya 11:30 AM - Conclusion 10:30 AM - Onwards Nature Trade & Exhibition Fair at Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall…

  • Event 2012

    Dr. Laurance G Kirton

    Laurence Kirton is an entomologist by profession, and Head of the Biodiversity and Conservation of Fauna Programme in the Forest Research Institute Malaysia. His interest in butterflies began in his childhood and has continued into his professional career as a researcher.…