Event 2011

Event’s Activities

In addition to the main events; Birdrace, Photography Competition and Workshops there will be plenty of other activities to keep all members of the family busy.


Mini beast safaris
Art Competition
Beach Walk
Coral Walk
Stream Detective


Rainforest Awakening

As morning light breaks the forest awaken to the sights and sounds of birds, monkeys, squirrels and a myriad of other delightful animals. Morning is the best time to explore a rainforest to gain an insight into the plant life and animal life that abounds here.

Rainforest Afterdark

Let our naturalist unravel some of the unique sounds and secretive animals that usually appear as night falls. Watch out for Flying Foxes, Flying Squirrels and the very unique Flying Lemurs.

Hornbills of Gunung Raya

Gunung Raya is the highest peak on Langkawi and also home to the Great Hornbills.This is probably the easiest place in Malaysia to observe these carismatic bird esspecially since the drive up to the peak brings us along the canopy of the rainforest. The drive up will also provide some of the most senic views of the island. Join us as we take a birds eye view of our beautiful island archipelago.

Mangrove Discovery Cruise

The forgotten forest between land and sea.
Mangrove forest plays an essential part in maintaining the ecological balance of the world. They influence the climate, provide shelter and act as major nurseries for fish and shrimps. Our journey takes us on a voyage of exploration to discover exotic plants and animal species many of them surviving by ingenious methods in a dynamic environment of constant change dictated by the rise and fall on the tides.