Behind The Scenes At Andaman Resort Coral Nursery

Every morning, in exception on his days off, you will see him scooping fallen leaves out of the pond. On some days, you will see him on the beach with buckets in search of gobies and other sorts of marine fishes that feed on algae. He monitors the incoming of the tide and he will then switch on the pump to allow seawater into the nursery.

During the afternoon, he prepares food for the corals consisting of blended shrimp. At six in the evening, you can see him holding squeeze bottles filled with yummy blended shrimp to feed the coral. These are his day-to-day work.On some days at twelve noon and three in the afternoon, you will see him with exciting participants. He guides them through the task of transplanting Staghorn corals onto new habitat and introducing who is who in the nursery. Meet Randy! The man behind the scenes at the Andaman’s Coral nursery. This unique nursery is the first of its kind in Langkawi, which is also part of the overall Andaman’s dedication to rehabilitate the coral reef on its bay.Randy with the coral nursery behind

Apart from Dr Gerry Goeden who developed this fascinating nursery, Randy is an important person who maintains the nursery so that all the inhabitants are healthy and happy everyday. Thank you, Randy!

Randy takes his delicate tasks seriously. On this picture, Randy is explaining how to prepare the yummy blended shrimp and shares his experiences in looking after the nursery

Post By : Wendy (Nature Guide)