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Perlis State Park

The Park consists of Mato Ayer Forest Reserve and Wang Mu Forest Reserve with a total area of about 5,000 hectares.

District Forest Officer
km2, Jalan Kaki Bukit
01000 Kangar – Perlis – Malaysia (West)
Tel: 04-9776626 – Fax: 04-9776626

Forestry Office – Wang Kelian
Perlis – Malaysia (West)
Tel: 04-9457898 – email:


By Road

From Kangar take route 7 about 30km towards Padang besar, soon after Timah Tasoh Lake, take a turning to Gua Kelamand then head for Kaki Bukit. Once arrive at Kaki Bukit Town, head towards R15, uphill along windy road. Keep on this road which will take you to the bottom of the ridge at Kampung Wang Kelian, the is a T-junctions. turn right and after 3km you will see the park Visitor Centre on the right hand.


Size: 10.800 hectares

Highest Point: Gunung Perlis

Flora Fauna: The forests are on limestone with many plant species found only on this habitat some of which are not found anywhere else in Malaysia. These include rare species of gingers, ferns and balsoms.

In Malaysia, the White Meranti Gerutu Seasonal Forest is found in Perlis since is has a long dry season every year. The trees of this forest shed their leaves during the dry season.

The forests are rich in animal life, including the Serows, Panthers and 6 species of Hornbills. Perlis State Park is also the only place in Malaysia where the Stumped Tail Macaque is found. The forests are located next to the Thaleban National Park, across the Thai border and the two areas form a forge forested area rich in wildlife.

The Limestone

The limestone of the Nakawan Range is of the Setul Formation which is about 500 million years old older than the dinosaurs! The hills have steep cliffs separated by enclosed valleys called “wangs” ‘ Caves of various sizes can also be found here, ranging from narrow passageways to huge chambers. There are many fantastic formations in the caves which contain various kinds of animals such as the cave racer (a type of snake), bats and insects.

Bird Watching in Perlis state Park

Every year, thousand of migratory birds from cold weather country migrate in search of warmer parts in southern countries. The Timah Tasoh Dam, which located in the migratory path of the birds become the first stop of birds such as the Cotton Bellied Sea-Eagle species. Migrations starts in April till August and it is more conspicuous in the morning and during sunset. Species from West Asian countries like China, Russia and Siberia are also plenty in this dam.