Penang Safari Tour

Mysterious Perlis State Park

Only for the most adventurous among us, a 45 minutes ferry ride from Langkawi take us to Perlis is the Northern most protected area in Malaysia.  5000ha Perlis State Park (PSP) is located at the Western border of Perlis with Thailand. It forms a transboundary protected area with the 20,000ha Thaleban National Park in Satun, Thailand.

Perlis State Park sits mainly on limestone thus, the landscape is unusually dramatic with steep cliff face, enclosed valleys, pinnacles and caves. PSP is unique in that its forest is semi-deciduous on limestone. This results in many unusual and unique species that have evolved and adapted to this dry rocky condition.

The Wang Mu area of the PSP is also the only place in the world where tin was mined intensively from natural caves. This 100-year-old industry only ceased in the 1980s and the mines were abandoned. Much of this rich history still awaits proper documentation.

Apart from watching PSP’s interesting wildlife, this excursion will have our guests visit the dark mysterious labyrinth of Gua Wang Burma. Be prepared to get wet and dirty while learning more about limestone and the cave. A challenging climb up Bukit Pelarit, the park’s highest limestone peak at 553m will reward you with stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape including views of Langkawi and Ko Tarotau in Thailand. It also allows you to experience the unique limestone semi-deciduous forest.

Accommodation will be at the comfortable Wang Kelian Park Headquarters. This trip is suitable for the more adventurous who are independent and relatively fit.