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Welcome to Peninsular Malaysia

One of Malaysia’s best kept secrets is the biosphere of the Northern Malay Peninsula. This zone is one of the most diverse bio-geographical regions on earth. It is a treasure house of some of the most varied fauna and flora, both terrestrial and marine, on the planet.

Its rainforest is inhabited by tigers, leopards, elephants, sambar-deer, sun-bears, tapir, rhino and many other wonderful mammals. It reverberates with the whooping call of the gibbons and the strange cries of the hornbills, the pheasants, the barbets and the babblers.

Within this biosphere lie the states of Penang, Perak and Kedah and Trengganu. Collectively it offers vast expanses of untouched rainforest, golden beaches, secluded coral islands and the wonderful living creatures that inhabit them.

The northern peninsula offers a diverse range of habitat types, including lowland-, montane -, and mangrove forests, mudflats, pristine beaches, scrubland, rocky-island outcrops and even some of the best diving in the region.

In all, there are some 640 species of resident avifauna, including 120 common migrant, birds to be found in Malaysia. With so much on offer this area must surely excite and fulfill any nature traveller’s holiday.

Peninsular Malaysia is a true Ecological Gem, the perfect combination of sea, sun, fascinating rainforests, mysterious mangroves, birds
and wildlife.

There are enough things to experience to excite the  adventurous as well as the ardent naturalists among us. We
appreciate the beauty and fragility of nature, take you off the beaten trails and always adhere to strict ecological best practices standards.
Journey with us to experience the wonders!.

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