Embrace The Rain

The cycle is back! Raining season has arrived with lots of rain in end of August and today! The record held so far, five days of continuous rain in which it is the longest ever since I arrived on this island.

We had so much of rain that it painted a glorious picture to our waterfalls here on the island, especially Temurun Waterfall!! Gushing and gushing of water generating the energy of wind to blow the bad chi away.

I do not understand why people would moan and groan over such rainy days.
Out of 365 days in Langkawi, the island only have less than 10 percent of such glorious event and the rest of it will be hot and sunny days. The island has natural springs and such rain is beneficial to the agriculture such as the paddy fields and farming. Smile, for it rejuvenates the forest.

After the rain, the clouds that came down low stretching themselves over the hills make perfect landscape pictures.

Pick up your poncho or umbrella and if you do not have one, borrow them from the concierge. Head out with your rented car or a taxi van to Langkawi’s waterfalls and the paddy fields.Note: There are three public access to the waterfalls, which are:

  1. Temurun waterfall
  2. Durian Perangin waterfall
  3. Seven wells waterfall

It is only less than 10 per cent of such days, so smile… wish for more of rainy days…here’s our rain dance…and as the title says so, EMBRACE THE RAIN!