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Endau Rompin Park

National Parks (Johor) Corporations
JKR 475, Bukit Timbalan
82503 – Johor Bahru
Tel: 07-2237471
Fax: 07-2237472


From Kuala Lumpur or Johor Bahru by the North South highway, on reaching Kluang detour to the Kahang town. There, a four wheel drive vehicle will take you for a 56 km jungle track to Kampung Peta, the visitors centre and the point of entry to the National Parks or 3 hours journey by boat from Felda Nitar 11.


Size: 870 sq. km

Flora Fauna: The forest abounds with the famous indigenous fan and interesting climbing bamboo and the walking stick palm identified by its slender stems and feather like leaf fronds, there are also many varieties of toadstools and orchids.

Tigers, elephants and wild boar are some of the animals to be found here. The largest surviving population of Sumatran rhinoceros in Peninsular Malaysia is also found within the park. Others include the binturong or bear cat and the white handed gibbon, the only ape species in the region.

The forest is also home to the chirping Grongos, Hornbils and Argus pheasant. Butterflies and the fruit piercing months can be seen flitting through the trees.

Activities: Jungle walks, camping, visiting Orang Asli Village, Bird Watching.

A minimum stay of four days/three nights is ideal in order to cover many activities and attractions in park. Special tours may be arranged to cater to a variety of interests as botany, nature study, and birds watching. Photography advent seekers would enjoy the challenge some of the activities to be carried, here.

Jungle Trekking There are some 26 of jungle trails within the park, the most well trodden path being gruelling 16 km trail from the base camp at Kuala Jasin to Batu Hampar and Buaya Sangkut with numerous crossings of fast flowing rivers. Buaya Sangkut, a waterfall cascading down through five levels present spectacular visual delight.

Irresistible Jungle Streams Swim take a refreshing bath kampung style in the clear cool rivers and streams amidst the tranquillity and serenity of the forest. When you’ve had enough frolicking in the water, try your luck a spot of fishing and reel in your ca for lunch or dinner.

Camping Pitch your tents and sp your nights out in the wilds under stars. The merry chirping of the birds and cicadas in the twilight will make your simple dinner seem like a feast.

Orang Asli Village Endau Rompin also home to the Orang Asli of the Jakun tribe. Drop by at Kampung Peta near the park entry point and gain valuable insights on Orang Asli culture. Find out how they survive in the wilderness and protect themselves from danger with their hunting and tracking skills. See their recreational activities and listen to their mesmerising yarns about the myths of the surrounding jungle.

Nature Study Given the diverse variety of species and habitats in the area, this can be a very absorbing activity indeed. Inhale the heady perfume of the woody climbing plant with fragrant flowers, used in traditional scents for the hair and clothes. Observe how the famous pitcher plant traps the unwary insect within its enticing water filled sacs. See how millions of ants make their homes in tiny chambers within the ‘ant plant’.

Bird Watchers Paradise Bird watching can be another fascinating activity. If you have the patience and endurance to keep still in utter silence, for hours on end, the reward of seeing some beautiful varieties of birdlife can be a joyful experience.

Pictures by Madi