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My Yellow Croc and The Beach

What a nice experience. Plastic(err…rubber) shoe and the beach blend together and make a very nice picture.It just make me ponder. Will I still see beach like this in future?. Recently every beach that I drop by, one things must appear. MUST APPEARED!!. Plastic bottle!. What a convenience. Help us a lot when we want to keep liquid but so cheap that people not value it and become common trash. This is one of necessity in modern world. Well done captain obvious.Wanna do simple calculation?. In 2006 alone 2.2 milion visitor step on langkawi island. it is very possible that at least 1 visitor 1 plastic bottle. And what you get? Minimum of 2.2 million plastic bottle. 1 bottle measure 6 cm x 23 cm. if 10% throw in ocean it will cover the area of 3036 square meter or if 10 m thickness the plastic bottle will run up to 303.6 m enough to fully cover Pasir Tengkorak Beach. That is not a pleasant view and definitely not for tourist attraction.

What I am trying to say to everybody (resident or visitor) please be responsible with your trash. Dispose it properly. Separate between recycling item. And please keep Langkawi island clean even 1 person it’s already make the difference. I still want to see a picture of Prada shoe on the beach in future. (Not surrounded by plastic bottle for sure…)