• The East Coast


    If you are looking to have an all-encompassing holiday that will take you to world-class islands, hill resorts, miles and miles of sandy beaches and mysterious lakes, look no further than the state of Pahang.

  • Culture Heritage

    Negeri Sembilan

    The folk of Negeri Sembilan are extremely proud of their state and its heritage. The Minangkabau legacy dictates that women are the leaders in society and that inheritances are passed down to daughters and not sons. Like every state steeped in history, Negeri Sembilan’s began in the 14th century when western Sumatran settlers came under threat from the Javanese.

  • Cities

    Kuala Lumpur

    Kuala Lumpur, or KL as it is fondly known among the locals, is the capital city of Malaysia. It's the principal gateway into the country and Kuala Lumpur (KL) has just about everything tourists would ever want in a city travel destination. Kuala Lumpur is a city that never sleeps. During the day, it hums with commercial and business activities. At night, it is transformed into an entertainment capital.

  • About Malaysia

    Getting Arround Malaysia

    Situated at the crossroads of South East Asia, Malaysia is easily accessible from most parts of the world by air, surface and sea links. Over 40 international airlines fly into the country while the national carrier Malaysia Airlines has a global network that spans six continents and a national network that covers more than 36 local destinations.