• Event 2012

    Dr. Louisa Shohini Ponnampalam

    Dr. Louisa Shobhini Ponnampalam is a Malaysian cetacean (whales, dolphins, porpoises) ecologist who began her education in marine science at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hawaii. She then went on to pursue her Ph.D. on a prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship at the University Marine Biological Station in Millport, Scotland, researching small dolphins in the Sea of Oman and the Arabian…

  • Event 2012

    Eco Walk

    Eco Walk a key event of the Langkawi Nature Festival is to be an exciting and meaningful walk for anyone wanting to participate in the conservation of Langkawi’s natural heritage and to ‘Keep Langkawi Wild”. This Eco Walk is open to anyone both local and foreign guests who are keen to get their walking shoes on and hike for conservation…

  • Event 2012

    Photography Workshop

    The Wildlife Photography workshop featured world renowned Wildlife Photographer Graeme Guy who conducted both an indoor and an outdoor practical photography session with nature photographers based mainly in Langkawi. The Instructor touched on his previous photography expeditions as well as gave an overview of the different technical aspects of photography. An outdoor session at the Andaman was also conducted to…

  • Event 2012

    Nature Talks

    The nature talks were hosted by The Andaman A Luxury Collection Resort in the afternoon of the first day. Participants of the nature talks were very privileged to have butterfly expert and scientist Dr. Laurence G Kirton from FRIM and Marine Mammals expert Dr. Louisa S. Ponnampalam representing MareCet speak on various issues pertaining to the science and conservation of…

  • Event 2012

    Big Bird & Butterfly Count BBC

    The Bird Count was headed by renowned amateur Ornithologist Irshad Mobarak and covered choice locations like Gunung Raya, Bon Ton and other habitats on Langkawi . A total of 74 species of birds were counted on that day. The count was certainly significant to boost further interest in birding and hopefully it will spur on further interest on the subject.

  • Event 2010

    The Winners 2010

    THE WINNERS 2010 Congratulations to the winners for the different categories and thank you for making it a wonderful and memorial outing. Hope to see you again in 2011